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What Are The Shipping Times?

The processing times depend on each individual item. Custom foil prints will ship in 2-4 days, select foil prints will ship in 1-3 days, luxury art prints will ship in 4-7 days.

We ship anywhere in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Russia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru.

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How Do I Take/Choose The Best Photo For You To Use?

We want your custom photo print to come out perfect so here are some general guidelines when submitting a photo:

  • Photos that are taken from a lower angle where the neck shows are always best! Make sure that the photo is not using any digital zoom or portrait mode if it was taken with a phone.

  • Phone photos are great as long as they are taken during the day and from a closer distance.

  • We also have a highlight on Instagram to help you choose the perfect photo! @flatmagnitude

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How Do I Upload My Custom Photo?

Before you place your order, upload the photo you'd like us to use for your portrait. To do so, go to the top of this page and click on the button "Upload your photo". You may upload multiple options if you are unsure which photo would work best. We will choose the best one to work with.

Additionally, you can send us an email (flatmagnitude@gmail.com) with your order number and name on the subject line, and attach the photos that you’d like us to use for your portrait. We will choose the one that works best.

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What Is The Durability Of The Prints?

Foil prints: foil prints will last a very long time! The foil wont peel or loose its color unless it is constantly exposed to direct sunlight, just like any other paper, photo or furniture piece. These are made with high quality reactive foil and performance art cardstock that has a very soft finish.

Luxury art prints will preserve their true original colors up to 70 years! They are printed on conservation cotton paper that holds the ink with archival museum quality. Note that these pieces are not supposed to be touched with naked hands. It is best to either handle the paper only touching the back of the print or wearing cotton gloves.

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How Does The Foil Process Work?

Foil prints are initially created as digital files. They are both digital drawings and edited photos that create flat layers of black and white to which the foil is later added on top! As the printed image and the foil are exposed to heat, they will stick together and create beautiful shiny foil prints!

All Luxury art prints are made from original artwork made by different artists around the world! We then create a digital version of these paintings, drawings, collages or take digital pieces such as digital paintings and photography pieces and print them to the highest standards.

We use three different kinds of paper to create these prints (all of which are cotton fiber papers with different textures). The types of paper used for each print can be found in the product description.