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Today I want to let you in in a secret. How do we achieve that vivid beautiful color and amazing texture that makes our prints look like an actual painting?

The answer is simpler than you would think: Highest quality of cotton paper.

- Cotton paper or Cotton rag is known for being very durable, strong and long lasting, specially if we compare it to wood pulp-based papers.

- This type of paper is made 100% of cotton blend, which makes it a true tree-free option.

- Cotton retains its shape and ink for several hundred years, which means less fading (colors tend to...


First and foremost I want to say, you don’t have to stick to just one style to make your spaces beautiful and cozy. But it does help to know what style you’re looking for in a specific item and how to bring everything in the room together.

Every aspect of your home defines your own unique style and it binds all the items in your spaces in a cohesive collection.

Even if you consider yourself an expert on Pinterest research, some times decorating can get overwhelming to decide how to achieve a certain look for your space. So let’s break down what makes up your own and unique...


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