6 Fun facts about Cotton and cotton paper (Best quality paper for art printing)

Today I want to let you in in a secret. How do we achieve that vivid beautiful color and amazing texture that makes our prints look like an actual painting?

The answer is simpler than you would think: Highest quality of cotton paper.

- Cotton paper or Cotton rag is known for being very durable, strong and long lasting, specially if we compare it to wood pulp-based papers.

- This type of paper is made 100% of cotton blend, which makes it a true tree-free option.

- Cotton retains its shape and ink for several hundred years, which means less fading (colors tend to fade with time in other materials) and higher printing quality.

- 42% of global wood harvest becomes paper and as you may know by now, sustainability is very important to us.

- Most people think banknotes (money) are made of paper, but most countries use a blend of 75% cotton and 25% linen.

- Cotton was the first plant to grow on the moon.

Now you know why cotton paper is totally worth it and will allow you to have a life-long piece of art you can cherish forever.

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