How to find your style when decorating your home?

First and foremost I want to say, you don’t have to stick to just one style to make your spaces beautiful and cozy. But it does help to know what style you’re looking for in a specific item and how to bring everything in the room together.

Every aspect of your home defines your own unique style and it binds all the items in your spaces in a cohesive collection.

Even if you consider yourself an expert on Pinterest research, some times decorating can get overwhelming to decide how to achieve a certain look for your space. So let’s break down what makes up your own and unique interior style? If you are unsure, start by asking yourself a couple of questions:

Are there elements of design that tie your spaces together?

What themes show up in your spaces most often? (it can be a material, a shape, a style, a place or anything at all.)

What kind of colors and shapes do you enjoy observing?

Answering these questions will help you place yourself in one or more categories within the style world. Here are some trends that are very popular now days.

If you love laid back casual places with the rustic charm, lots of square raw edges and a country feel you may want to add some farmhouse items. Keep in mind to mix the reclaimed organic materials with soft cozy textures to have a harmonious balance between the old and the new.

If you feel you are more of a classic person, you can match furniture and add a special feel by mixing textures within the same neutral color palette.

You can also get modern but keep it classy by choosing clean lines and geometric patterns. Mix and match textures to always give your house or space that warm feel.

If you’re more of an industrial look type of person, Metal and raw mixed and unpolished materials are a whole world you get to explore!

For a contemporary look, cooler shades will help you achieve that clean and up to date look. You can also add accents with cutting edge shapes and remember to balance it out with some unexpected art piece.

Some times more is more, and that 70s look can be achieved by creating a space full of textures, charm, brass, and flowy shapes. Lightning will play a huge roll too, and you can play with warm colors.

Bohemian style has been a big one for the past few years and it’s all about the soft feel, easy colors and natural materials. Lots of wood, woven accents, handmade charm and overall a neutral color pallet will help you achieve this style.

Coastal is another trending style that will focus on light colored furniture and decoration, ocean related decorations and lots of natural light.

Finding your own style or mix of styles will make your home feel your own. It will help you understand what is it you’re looking for when finding each piece that will be a part of your space and it will make it easier to bring your vision to life.